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UNDER $60!!!

Every 14 minutes someone loses their Sunglasses!!!

Never lose your Sunnys in the surf again! HUMBLE WARRIOR Sunglasses float!!! Polarized and equipped with expansion hinges to fit cabezas of all shapes and sizes.

Each pair includes a durable Bamboo case and lens polishing cloth.

HW sunglasses are born in Bamboo forests located in the USA specifically dedicated to commercial bamboo products. Bamboo is harvested and “rip-cut” into long planks then pressed together at high pressure for six months. The process is similar to the production of plywood

without the harsh chemicals and petroleum based adhesives. The frames and sidearms are cut by local artisans using special dies for each individual style. The pieces are then shipped to Rusty Champagne in Orlando, Florida along with the hardware and lenses. The Humble Warrior logo is then engraved onto the sidearms and cases by hand ; the Sunnys are then assembled and ready to be shipped!